Tips for Writing Killer Website Copy

Writing website copy can be difficult and time consuming. It’s an important part of your overall content marketing strategy but can be incredibly frustrating when you just can’t seem to get it right. Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of quick and easy tips you can use to drastically improve your website copy:

Imagine your ideal reader
If you can clearly picture your ideal reader in your head, your copy will be more concise and speak to that particular audience. (If you’re struggling to really nail your ideal client, The Social Boffin offers services that help you create a persona.) 

Tell a story
There is so much content out there, that making yours stand head and shoulders above the rest can be difficult. People don’t want to read about how great you are, how wonderful your services are, or even what you offer. Entertain them with a story that provides subtle messages about your business.

Use SEO responsibly
SEO is a great tool for online copy, but don’t let it rule your life. If you always write for the machines, the humans won’t read it. This sums up the previous two tips – think of your audience and tell them a story. This will be much more powerful than SEO-heavy copy, you can work on the SEO stuff afterwards.

Be human
This builds on the SEO side of things. Being overly formally in your writing can be a big turn off for a lot of readers. The trick is to be educational whilst maintaining a strong voice. Write naturally and let your personality come through.

Avoid repetition
Avoid repeating yourself at all costs. Coming back to a point you’ve already made and elaborating on it is fine, but if you’re reader feels like you’re just repeating yourself (and adding no additional information), they’re likely to stop reading.

Use short sentences
Shorter sentences are great. They get to the point. They don’t ramble. And they make it easier to read. Don’t restrict your writing though, and let it flow naturally, but if you do notice a lot of long sentences, see what you can do to cut them down.

Use short paragraphs
Short paragraphs are also a benefit. When a visitor comes to your website, large chunks of unbroken text can easily encourage them to look elsewhere. They don’t look great on the page – especially not on a digital one – and most people will skim read your copy anyway. Sub headings is a great way to do this.

Avoid jargon
Complicated words can be a turn off for many people. Especially those who are new to your topic. If you’re writing for beginners, or creating an introductory piece, then jargon will do nothing but ruin a perfectly otherwise good bit of writing.


When you’re finally done with your copy, put it to one side and then come back and edit at a later date. A fresh pair of eyes is the perfect solution to finding the bits that don’t work and assessing the overall quality of the piece.
Jump in and have a go!
Looking at a blank page when trying to craft new copy is daunting. The important part is to just start writing, don’t give your brain a chance to think too hard. Getting stuck in and getting words on the page is the only way to start creating killer copy.
If you’re still not feeling that your copy is quite doing what you want, why not get in touch with me here and see how I could help?

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