social media tips nottingham

3 Tips for Success on Social Media

social media tips nottinghamSocial media is an integral part of daily life for everyone, especially millennials. So it’s no surprise that businesses are expected to be online, active and engaging in order to win client business. With so many different social media networks and a whole host of faux pas that can be made, how do businesses keep on top of their social media?

1. Choose the right channels

This is an important one and should you get this wrong, it could ruin all your future efforts. Some businesses make the mistake of investing in too many social media channels too soon and so it’s important to establish just which channels you should be on.

The best method for choosing the most appropriate channels to use is to find out where your customers are. If your customers primarily use Twitter, then there’s no point in investing in Instagram or Pinterest. Once you’ve established which network your customers are on, you can begin planning out a social media strategy.

Start with just the one network and then branch out into another and another as you see fit. It’s important to ensure you presence on each network lasts so don’t rush the process.

2. Create a routine

Sporadic social media usage will not work in your favour. It’s important to make social media part your routine. Dedicate time in your daily or weekly routine to post on your channels. Assign time where you can check in, respond to questions and engage with fans.

The best tactic is to create a posting schedule. Implement some consistency with a model you’re confident you can follow. You need to work out how many times you want to post to each network and on which days of the week.

3. Use images

It’s a known fact that images on social media have a significantly higher interaction rate than a standard word-only update. This is supported by the image-first networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest.

The idea that a picture speaks a thousand words is clear from the level of interaction seen on all networks but using any old image isn’t enough. Good quality images that have been carefully selected will go much further.

It’s important to use the right images that convey the message you want to send. It’s all too easy for pictures to give the wrong message. If you can take the time and effort to invest in well photographed and good quality images, your social media feed will look much better because of it.

Of course there are a million and one other social media tips out there but these three are what I consider to be some of the most important and a great starting point to help you achieve the ultimate social media success.


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